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Supply Lists

This is a list of all grades, to view individual grades visit their Grade Level pages.


Please do not label any of the supplies, many of the items are shared. Thank you for buying certain brands when specified.

1 pair of Fiskars scissors, BLUNT tip
1 box of Crayola crayons, 24 count
1 large pink eraser
1 box of tissues
1 bottle of white Elmer’s glue
At least 12 Elmer's glue sticks
1 one inch vinyl rest mat (2 inch mats will not fit in classroom storage)
1 box of Crayola markers, wide tip, CLASSIC colors, washable
1 set of Prang or Crayola watercolors
1 pkg of Expo dry erase markers, any colors
1 pkg of white copy paper
1 extra set of clothes to be kept at school (please include underwear and socks)
1 bottle hand sanitizer
1 box of sandwich size Ziploc bags
1 container of disinfectant wipes
1 box of quart size Ziploc bags
1 Backpack - large enough to fit a folder without bending, small enough to fit in locker - locker dimensions: 11" wide, 10" deep, 34" high. NO WHEELS!
**Please do NOT label supplies as many items are shared.Thank you.

First Grade Supply List
1 WHITE 1" binder with clear plastic front insert, 3 rings, pockets
1 pkg of white copy paper
2 pkgs of pencils
1 backpack (NO WHEELS PLEASE!)
1 plastic school box
3 boxes of crayons, 24 count
1 pkg of large erasers
1 box of washable markers
2 pkgs of 12 glue sticks, 24 total
1 bottle of white Elmer's glue
4 plastic folders (blue, green, red, yellow)
1 large bottle of hand sanitizer
2 large boxes of tissues
1 pair of Fiskars CHILD scissors
1 set of dry erase markers
1 spiral notebook, 80 pages
1 water color paint set
1 box of markers
BOYS: 1 box of wet wipes
GIRLS: 1 box of Ziploc bags

2 spiral notebooks, WIDE rule, 70 pages, plain cover
2 plastic folders with pockets AND fasteners (for Spanish and Music)
4 solid color folders with pockets AND fasteners
2 solid color folders with pockets only
1pkg white copy paper
1 pkg index cards, white, lined, 3x5
1 box pencils, 24 count, yellow, No. 2
2 box Crayola crayons, 24 count
1 pair Fiskars scissors with blunt tip
6 Elmer’s glue sticks
2 boxes tissues
1 backpack (NO WHEELS PLEASE!) 

1 box quart size Ziploc bags
1 pkg Expo dry erase markers
 1 bottle of hand sanitizer
1 box colored pencils, 24 count
1 box of gallon size Ziploc bags
1 pkg of disinfectant wipes

*Please do not write names on supplies, we share many of the supplies.
**Students do not need to have Trapper Keepers, staplers, tape, ink pens, mechanical pencils, or pencil sharpeners. Thank you!

2 pkgs notebook paper, WIDE rule
5 folders with pockets only, NO fasteners
1 folder, with brads (for Spanish)
1 -1" 3- ring hard binder,(for Music)
24 pencils, Ticonderoga or Dixon
1 pair Fiskars scissors
1 box of washable markers
1 box of Crayola or Prang crayons
1 pkg colored pencils
1 pkg colored, dry erase markers, any colors
6 glue sticks
3-4 boxes of tissues
1 wooden ruler (showing inches AND centimeters)
1 pkg cap erasers
1 bottle hand sanitizer
1 plastic school box
3 spiral notebooks, WIDE rule, one subject
1 pkg of multi-colored construction paper
2 pkg of white copy paper
1 container of disinfectant wipes

*Please send $4.00 for agendas.

**Please do not label items with your child's name. Put items in plastic bags with your child's name on the bag only. Thanks.

FOURTH GRADE Supply List   
                          3 pkgs notebook paper, WIDE rule                            
5 pkgs of No. 2 Ticonderoga pencils
1 pkg Expo dry erase markers
1 pkg of white copy paper
2 pkgs of cap erasers
2 hardback binder, 3 rings, 1"
1 bottle of hand sanitizer (no hand soap)
1 box of crayons
1 box of markers
1 box of colored pencils
1 bottle of Elmer's glue
6 folders with pockets AND fasteners
4 spiral notebooks
1 protractor (plastic ruler piece only)
1 pencil box (large)
3 boxes of tissues
1 pair of Fiskars scissors
BOYS: 1 pkg disinfectant wipes
GIRLS: 1 box of sandwich size bags

*Please send $4 for Agendas
Please label the bag with student's name.